Haviland Amp Parlon Colette Gold Teacup Amp Saucer
Haviland Amp Parlon Colette Gold Teacup Amp Saucer
Haviland Amp Parlon Colette Gold Teacup Amp Saucer
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Haviland Amp Parlon Colette Gold Teacup Amp Saucer

Haviland & Parlon Colette Gold Teacup & Saucer


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Haviland Amp Parlon Colette Gold Teacup Amp Saucer
Haviland Amp Parlon Colette Gold Teacup Amp Saucer
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Haviland & Parlon Colette Gold Teacup & Saucer

Colette is the essence of fine Limoges porcelain. The plate decoration is simple yet rich, generously accented in gold. It is classic in design developed more than 200 years ago. The porcelain is crisp, brilliant white and absolutely blemish free. Made in France.

This item is handmade and imported. Please allow 3-4 weeks to ship.


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Care of Fine China & Porcelain:


Fine China and Bone China must not be subjected to extreme temperature changes or exposed to a naked flame or hot liquids above boiling temperature.

Never pour boiling water into a cold piece of china. First warm the piece and then allow water to go off the boil before pouring into the cup, pot, etc.

Some Fine China Plates and serving dishes can be warmed before use in an oven or hostess trolley at a temperature of no more than 100°C.

Tableware with gold or platinum trim must not be used in the microwave. Fine bone china should not be used for cooking purposes.


China can be used in a dishwasher - at a maximum temperature of 65°C - using a dishwasher agent recommended by the manufacturer. Hand washing is recommended, using a non-abrasive soap and soft towels.

Stubborn stains can be removed by soaking in a mild bleach solution for up to one hour without damaging the China.

Scouring pads or abrasive washing agents must NOT be used. Soaking in warm water before washing will remove most stains or hardened on particles.

Any small marks caused by metal deposits from cutlery in particular can be removed with tooth powder.


When storing plates, try NOT to slide them over one another as this may cause tiny scratches in the glaze. The surface used on tableware is hard, however the front of one plate can be scratched by the back of another so care should be taken when stacking and we recommend that a paper napkin is placed between each plate.

Cups should not be stored or hung from a cup hook or stacked, as this may weaken the handles.


  • First, remove any dust with a dry cloth. Microfibre material is the best as the negative charge helps pull away dust from the surface instead of moving it around the item.
  • Then, use a small, soft-bristled brush to extract dust from tiny holes and crevices, if necessary.
  • One by one, wash the porcelain items in warm – NOT HOT – water and mild detergent. Always wash the pieces in a plastic container, or place rubber mats on the bottom and sides of the sink, as even a slight knock against the hard surface of the sink may damage the chinaware.
  • Lay out some paper towels on the counter for drying.
  • Rinse under warm water and place on the towels to dry.

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